|  February 23, 2008

Yesterday I went out to Trish Seggebruch’s studio again, but this time it was for a workshop with Stephanie Lee on how to use plaster in mixed media works. I’m hooked!

Actually, it seems that plaster works much like molding paste and other specialty Golden products…except it’s way cheaper. One of the new things that I learned about that I’m excited about incorporating into my work is the use of plaster gauze. I am also itching to get into my studio and add encaustic on top of finished plaster pieces. As of right now I don’t have any finished plaster pieces and I don’t know when my next chance to get into the studio will be. But the ideas are percolating in my brain.

work in progress, 5×7 inches

This is a piece that is still in progess. I had brought with me several panels that I had started over the year that have been sitting in my studio. I had felt stuck with them, so I thought that I would just bring them along to experiment with. I can’t wait to work more on the other panels that I started yesterday.

I highly recommend a workshop with Stephanie. I did do my usual floundering around yesterday as I said I would. Actually a few times Trish and Stephanie asked me if I was lost or needed help because I was wandering around aimlessly! ha! I’ve always been like that, even back in high school when I was in art classes. This is why I am very selective about which classes or workshops I attend because I can be so distracted at these things. I’ve learned my lesson after my second year of attending Artfest. I just can’t do huge things like that.

I took some photos yesterday at Trish’s studio of Stephanie’s work. I hope to post more later when I get a chance. But right now the sun is shining and it’s warm out, so I think we need to go take a walk and enjoy the day.


  1. by Karina on February 23, 2008  8:13 pm Reply

    I love the textures and glow of this piece. I am intrigued to know more about using plaster. I would love to hear more. Beautiful blog!

  2. by Joy Logan on February 24, 2008  6:32 pm Reply

    Love the pieces and never tire of birds in art. An artist friend also gets interesting results with using lemon juice on her plastered pieces she does on wire.

  3. by Anonymous on February 25, 2008  4:30 am Reply

    It pains me to read your posts like this. You have access to such a vast source of knowledge through workshops and meeting with other artists working with the same mediums and I am struggling to learn new things on my own. Maybe I should be the start of something large and grand here in Norway, as there doesn't seem to be any sort of mixed media artists here that can lend me a helping hand. I plan on getting lots of advice from you this summer! erika

  4. by katie on February 25, 2008  10:12 pm Reply

    this piece is just gorgeous, bri. i'm newly in love with plaster; you're right, like other products but dirt cheap! i have a couple pieces that will be covered with encaustic too down the road. i too would recommend a class with stephanie, she's not only knowledgable but inspiring as well.

    are you going to be at artfest? i would love to see you.

  5. by Carmen on February 26, 2008  10:30 am Reply

    Your work is incredible! I saw your feature in Arful Blogging and couldn't wait to run home and see more of your work! I'm truly inspired! Thank you!

  6. by Kesha Bruce on February 27, 2008  5:07 am Reply


    I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work on your website. I love the piece you did in the workshop. The texture is amazing.

    Is the bird immage a photograph?

  7. by d. on February 27, 2008  10:35 am Reply



  8. by Gwen Buchanan on February 27, 2008  10:40 am Reply

    This is a beautiful piece... thanks so much for the link to the workshop on Stephanie lees page. The use of plaster sounds & feels wonderful. Love the texture & love the bird... Enticing...
    I know exactly what you mean... so much to to do & so little time... my problem exactly. having limits really helps... thanks gwen in NB Canada

  9. by Joanie San Chirico on February 27, 2008  2:54 pm Reply

    Hmmmm, plaster! Something new to play with. LOVE the texture.


  10. by mindy on February 27, 2008  11:45 pm Reply

    Can't wait to see til it's finished! Beautiful

  11. by LostLuggage on February 28, 2008  1:12 am Reply

    Whoa! This is REALLY COOL!!! I totally love all that paint and texture! What a beautiful piece!

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