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 |  May 4, 2008

printed page, 5×7 blank journal

This mixed media panel first began as a big, huge accident. The kind where time freezes as you watch disaster ensue. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I was working on a painting and needed some more crimson, Quinacridone Crimson to be exact. Now, I’m not always the best at making sure my caps are closed on my fluid acrylics. And it’s usually not a problem. But it had been awhile since I had used my acrylics since I’ve been working so much in wax. And the dried up paint on the lid must have built up a bit. So anyway, I was squeezing the bottle. Shaking it. Squeezing it some more. Poked the hole with the closest sharp object. Sqeezed some more…and then POP! The lid flew off and Quinacridone Crimson just flew everwhere. This is the point where time froze. I watched it splatter onto me, across and into an open drawer, drip onto the floor mat, splash onto some stacked canvases,and make a dazzling finale of two blig spotches on the white walls of my studio.

Not good.

Of course, paint is expensive. And I hate to see it wasted. Especially beautiful quinacridone crimson! After scrambling around and getting it off the floor and off of me and making sure I didn’t have red paint on the bottom of my shoes, I proceeded to pick up spilled paint with large brushes and lay Quin. Crimson on every available surface that I had.

And that is how this panel started. I really like the crimson in the background and I’ve been wanting to use that altered photo for a long time and when I layed it atop the crimson, it just clicked.

I’ll probably have many future paintings popping up with a crimson background for a few months to come.

I need to get some white paint over to my studio though before my landlady sees it. It looks like a crime scene. Not good.

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  1. by Anonymous on May 5, 2008  10:00 am Reply

    I really love all the color in this piece. I love all of your work and it's nice to see some bolder colors used. Your work is so incredibly amazing! I would love to take a class from you if you were ever teaching.

    Beth M :)

  2. by LostLuggage on May 5, 2008  10:53 am Reply's a great color to have an explosion with at least :)

    Great piece today! I always love art with trees...I like to stare and think of the story they tell.

  3. by Shari on May 5, 2008  11:07 am Reply

    Oh my gosh, Bridgette, I'm laughing out loud at this "adventure"! Believe me, it's happened to the best of us. I was spatter-painting outside once using a deep red and when I went to go back in, I dropped the entire container right in front of the sliding glass door. Everyone always thinks a REALLY big bird met his maker there now! LOL... Love the artwork that resulted, by the way :) Hugs, Shari

  4. by Leah on May 5, 2008  1:56 pm Reply

    hee! i've definitely had that experience before. glad you took advantage of it! gotta love those happy accidents. :-)

  5. by Joy Logan on May 5, 2008  7:14 pm Reply

    Well I love it! All your art is fabulous. I added you to my links to come back often. Unless I am working myself,too tired,nice weather out,you know.

  6. by Jen on May 5, 2008  7:55 pm Reply

    LOL mix in some quin gold and you'll have Serial Killer red that Michael uses all the time.

    I love how it turned out and can't imagine a better way of starting a new series! xoxo

  7. by bridgette on May 6, 2008  12:40 am Reply

    Hi Beth, Thanks for your words. yes, this color is a lot bolder than what i have been using lately! It's fun to do something different once in a while.

    Thank you Lost Luggage- that is true. Although when I saw the paint splattered everywhere, it seemed like the worst color to have a disaster with!

    That is so funny, Shari! I totally would do something like that too. I would think to myself, "i better be careful and not drop this bucket of red paint"...and then I would drop it.

    Hi leah, at least I'm not the only one! Happy accidents are good. :)

    Thanks Joy~ Going outside rather than blogging and reading blogs?! You must be crazy. :) Just kidding.

    Quin crimson + Quin Gold...hmmm, I may have to try that. Thanks Jen!

  8. by Michelle on May 6, 2008  8:46 am Reply

    Whew, I am glad I am not the only frugel painter. When I have paint left over, I grap supports and lay down under coats witht them. Your post made me laugh out loud.
    GLad you are feeling better.
    Love the Poppies, got it last week in the mail, fast, fast shipping!

  9. by smith kaich jones on May 6, 2008  2:34 pm Reply

    This is so funny! Just this very day I posted that my inner artist really wanted to just dance around & let paint drops fly wherever & then I come to your wonderful space & read this. I loved this tale. AND you got a terrific piece out of it - YOU are in touch with that inner artist I hope to find!


  10. by APeacock on May 7, 2008  11:17 am Reply

    Hey Bri! Didn't know you had a blog on here (me too!) mantofev showed the piece you did for her (of cookie) sooo nice! I love this one too - those accidents sure do make you suck in your breath don't they?

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