|  March 21, 2013

“Working in white makes people look into it. White is ethereal. There’s a purity to it, it makes things look elevated in a way. There’s a whole palette of white…” -Jonathan Milne

encaustic mixed media
12×24 inch diptych

I am happy with this painting. I can’t articulate why. I just am.

Ok, let me try. That is why I have this blog to make myself write and articulate the why’s and the what’s of my paintings. To explain it to myself, even.

The surface reminds me of skin. It reminds me of the surface of drums, the kind that I’ve seen and touched at a drumming ceremony that I was lucky to attend many years ago. An artist friend of mine told me in a message that one of my bowl paintings where I stitched together stained papers to form a bowl shape reminded him of a ceremonial drum, which then reminded me of the symbolism of the heartbeat of the earth. And that thought has stayed with me.

The subtlety of the surface speaks to me. Soft. Quiet. Smooth. But textured as well.

It is such a simple composition, but one that came from a larger painting that I’m currently working on that isn’t even finished yet. The part of the painting that inspired this painting is only a teeny tiny bit of the larger painting. Maybe 4 inches total of the larger 24×24 inch surface. When I was working on this tiny fraction of the larger painting, I just knew that I needed to explore those 4 inches on a larger surface area and so I started on this one. And because I have been painting and painting and painting, I feel that I am at a point where I can see something worth investigating in something so simple. Is it confidence? Is it experience? Is it just saying well, why I don’t I just try it out and see? Is it just really embracing the notion of less is more?

Hmmmm. I don’t think I could have painted this a year ago. I have been working on the whole less is more notion and at times it freaks me out! But it’s something I am compelled to follow right now and so I am.

“The writing itself is no big deal. The editing, and even more than that, the self-doubt, is excruciatingly impossible.” -Jonathan Safran Foer

I’m in the final preparations for both my show and my Books of Images and Wax Workshop. Talk about deadlines! Luckily though most everything is done. I always make my deadlines at least 2 weeks before the real deadline if I can. With little kids, I just have to. I just can’t leave things to the last minute, I have learned. Speaking of last minute- if you are interested in attending the 3 day workshop, get in touch with the school. Even though we’re close to the date, we can still make room for one more!

I’m really excited for my show because it’s the first time I’ve had a solo show since my 6 year old son was 9 months old. Preparing for a solo show is very consuming. Well, any show is, but a solo takes it up a notch. Emotionally, physically, mentally and then there’s the time. But there are times when an opportunity arises and I just have to put my head down, dig deep, and get to work. And since we’ve moved in November I haven’t had extra help with the kids and so I have had to really dig deep in all aspects. My husband always reminds me that it’s better to be tired from doing something that I love to do and that feeds me, than to be disgruntled. Well, I am extremely tired, but content. So I guess he’s right in that regard. But he’s also one of those crazy mountaineering types who likes impossible challenges. I’ve always been the type that enjoys the downhill aspect of our hikes. But he definitely has a point and he inspires me to tackle challenges headfirst.

my kids in my studio with me one morning this past winter
I was probably cleaning around them or prepping something for my own studio time

I am really looking forward to seeing my current series up at the Benedictine University next month. And I can’t wait to be there with my children and husband too. I am lucky to have a family that supports my creativity. I know this. I will always be grateful.


  1. by just jen on March 21, 2013  6:34 pm Reply

    As an introvert, for me, white represents calm, quiet, peace. What I crave when things get to be too much. It's an astoundingly strong piece Bri, not to mention masterfully created. Your work is so inspirational to me. xo.

    • by bridgette on March 26, 2013  10:21 pm Reply

      Thanks Jen, so much for your encouraging words about this piece. I really appreciate it. I agree with you about the feelings of white. But I think I like the warmer whites- makes me feel at ease, while the cooler, sterile whites make me feel really uncomfortable!

  2. by Roberta on March 21, 2013  7:39 pm Reply

    Such juicy whites!

  3. by Sue Marrazzo on March 22, 2013  4:02 am Reply

    *Nice Post!
    *Love Your work!
    *Family support is the Best!

    Please check out my ART Blog at

    • by bridgette on March 26, 2013  10:27 pm Reply

      thanks sue, yes, family support is the best. Thanks for sending me to your blog!

  4. by Jo Murray on March 23, 2013  3:48 pm Reply

    Superb!...and not easy. A contemplative piece.

  5. by Jann Gougeon on March 24, 2013  1:31 pm Reply

    LOVE this! I agree with Jo . . minimal is not easy!

    • by bridgette on March 26, 2013  10:28 pm Reply

      Thanks so much Jann, means a lot!

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