|  October 30, 2006

I started this panel eons ago and the image that I originally started with was a bench. And then I covered that with a polaroid transfer of this fence made of logs. And then I ended up overlaying that with a transparency of one of my photos! Sometimes when I work on these panels I know exactly where I will end up. But other times, such as this time, it is a process of discovery and experimentation.

The final photo that I ended up using was from our Alaska trip.

solitude, mixed media, 5×7 inches

The words read: savor the solitude

I think that a lot of people fear solitude. It’s in the quiet and stillness of ourselves that an inner world can open. That can be frightening. But I need it.

This panel has been bound up as a journal cover.


  1. by tararossstudios on October 30, 2006  5:45 pm Reply

    Thank you for the update on your LJ. I'm here too. I'll drop by more often.


  2. by Angela Rockett on October 30, 2006  6:58 pm Reply

    This post really speaks to me - the beautiful image and the thoughts on solitude. I, too, need much solitude in my life. We also seem to have similar working methods. Not necessarily the same techniques, though some of those I'm sure are similar too, but I have many pieces that seem to evolve on their own at their own pace, and I just have to follow along.

  3. by amber on October 30, 2006  9:32 pm Reply

    Very beautiful! i hope you are feeling well :)

  4. by Jeane Nevarez on October 30, 2006  11:37 pm Reply

    hello, I just discovered your blog and this first post I read just touched me to the core. I need solitude to create, and just don't get enough of it right now with a toddler... I find it refreshing, not frightening. And your work is beautiful.

  5. by Colette on November 4, 2006  1:33 am Reply

    It's wonderfully "lush".
    Thanks for the LJ update. I'll see you here then!

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