sunday’s doings

 |  October 25, 2009

1. B ATC Available, 2. Before Flatline, 3. OTRA VEZ EL PÁJARO AL TRIGO, 4. To autumn – my favourite leaf, 5. calm/Windstille, 6. tu, 7. itinerario 65331 (nel mezzo del cammin), 8. 13 new notabooks, 9. I _ Clouds over Nether Land, 10. My Bleeding Heart, 11. texture/217, 12. |, 13. Reflection, 14. Fly, 15. IMG_1307, 16. IMG_1310, 17. 26, 18. Untitled, 19., 20. Barely Scratched the Surface, 21. prayer flags : in progress, 22. free, 23. P5110100, 24. scène d’amour, 25. Mosaic Monday – Pebbles

So I have seen this mosaic on several blogs, like on Cathy Cullis’ blog, and I really enjoy them as I get introduced to new work on flickr. I just learned how to make a mosaic of my recent favorites and thought I’d share them here. I love flickr in that it’s an easy way to upload photos, but it is also great for finding talent and visual inspiration from so many different people.

Today’s studio day started late as I had the luxury of staying in bed until 7:30am. But so far it has been productive for both books and painting and general organization. Must get off the computer though and get back at it! I just wanted to mention that I have been adding some paintings to my art section at A few more mixed media journals have also been added to the site.


  1. by Wild Somerset Child on October 25, 2009  5:38 pm Reply

    I must check out this Flickr thing (probably haven't even spelled it correctly!)

    Hope you are well, dear Bridgette.

    Ann from UK

  2. by Janelle Goodwin on October 26, 2009  7:35 pm Reply

    Thanks for showing this. You definitely inspired me!

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