two little birds

 |  February 12, 2009

I created this panel with my six year old niece in mind. It was fun channeling a sweet little girl who loves pink while making this. When I was her age I hated all things pink and girly. Now in my thirties, I am starting to like pink. But more like fuschia or magenta.

two little birds
mixed media, 6×6 inches

For this piece I used a painting that I created a couple years ago as the starting point. It’s fun to do that sometimes. Take something you’ve done, but then take it in a completely different direction.

Thank you all for your comments about my web site redesign! Still have a lot of work to do on it still, but it’s getting there.


  1. by Shayla on February 12, 2009  4:43 pm Reply

    Mmmm... I like this! Looks to me like balance, gentleness and stability. I guess 'nurture' would be a good word.

  2. by Carmen on February 12, 2009  4:44 pm Reply

    Love this piece Bridgette, especially the handwriting at the bottom. *swoon*


  3. by Wild Somerset Child on February 12, 2009  5:34 pm Reply

    Your niece will love this, as would any little girl. I guess from the handwriting that she is learning to write.

  4. by emily franz on February 12, 2009  9:24 pm Reply

    Hi! I love your blog and see you are from Chicago. I was born here too, and now reside in Tinley Park. Hope to get to know you more through your blog...your work is beautiful!


  5. by Patrice on February 12, 2009  10:46 pm Reply

    This is lovely without being maudlin. The dusty pinks are luscious.

  6. by Karin on February 13, 2009  12:51 am Reply

    mmm, I love this piece. It gives me a calming peaceful feeling inside. I love knowing that your niece helped inspire it...
    Your website looks fantastic - you've done a terrific job with the redesign. Clean, beautiful, and easy to move through. Such talent!!
    ❤ Karin

  7. by tangled sky studio on February 13, 2009  5:56 am Reply

    hi bridgette...this piece gives me the sense of being in the moment and being still in nature. i also feel those birs may begin to chat with one another at any moment...have a great weekend!

  8. by Genie on February 13, 2009  12:13 pm Reply

    Awesome !!

  9. by Jeane on February 14, 2009  11:55 am Reply

    beautiful piece - the primary writing at the bottom gives it a bit a innocence

  10. by Curio on February 15, 2009  8:39 am Reply

    Bridgette, I love, love, love the simplicity in your work. It is something I find hard to achieve. All the images with birds and trees seem to evoke such a peaceful feeling. Thank you for sharing them with the world.

  11. by Lost Aussie on February 15, 2009  1:32 pm Reply

    I recognise these lovely little birdies...the original is sitting happily on my hall dresser!
    Love the new look of the website very well done!

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