|  January 26, 2007

me and my newborn son, Noah

We welcomed Noah into this world on January 11, 2007! He is now 2 weeks and a day old and growing fast. We are both doing well. And he is just amazing. We feel so blessed that he is healthy and doing so well.

My days are a bit of a blur…as well as the nights. But I just wanted to do a quick post here. I have very few words right now…totally immersed in the moment of my days right now. Hope to catch up soon!


  1. by Denise on January 26, 2007  6:17 pm Reply

    Gorgeous - congratulations. The moment is everything - enjoy.

  2. by Raine K on January 26, 2007  6:24 pm Reply

    Another great photo!

  3. by coal2k on January 26, 2007  7:34 pm Reply

    Aww Bridgette! He is just gorgeous :)

    Cherish every moment. They grow up sooo quickly!

  4. by amber on January 26, 2007  9:39 pm Reply

    Beautiful just like his mom congratulations!

  5. by Tara Finlay on January 26, 2007  9:40 pm Reply

    This is the perfect union of mother and child. The exact specific natural intermixing of mommy and baby. This is what it is all about. As much as a non-mother can tell. You lucky girl!

  6. by waking up late on January 27, 2007  12:42 am Reply


    What a beautiful picture of you both.

  7. by Dawn on January 27, 2007  2:33 am Reply

    Oh, he's so sweet! Enjoy every moment with him...Congrats!

  8. by Erika Tysse on January 27, 2007  6:01 am Reply

    Congrats! Cherish these moments, there is nothing like the first one! Oh, and I love the name, my 20 month year old is named Noah as well. Good Choice!

  9. by Angela Rockett on January 27, 2007  12:30 pm Reply

    Congratulations! Beautiful baby(I love the name)! Many, many blessings!

  10. by tina on January 27, 2007  11:59 pm Reply

    You are beautiful! I'm glad you both are well. I've been checking obsessively wondering how it was going. How lovely to see he's here. The first weeks are otherworldly. I hope you have many people to take care of you both.

  11. by Karen on January 28, 2007  9:05 am Reply

    congratulations!!!! HE IS BEAUTIFUL! spoiil him with lots of love & snuggles & enjoy every moment :)

  12. by lk on January 28, 2007  10:23 am Reply

    Oh Blessed Be!!! He's so beautiful. I've been checking your site regularly waiting for your good news!!


  13. by Tracy on January 28, 2007  11:52 am Reply

    Bridgette, Congratulations! I have been checking in too and am so glad your baby arrived safely. It is also nice to hear that you are well and that the days are a blur. Sounds lovely and normal!

    You both look beautiful.

  14. by melanie on January 29, 2007  9:36 pm Reply

    Aww, what a precious photo! Welcome, baby Noah... and best wishes to you, Bridgette. So glad you are doing well and cherishing each moment. It gets better and better with every day!

  15. by Hezza on February 1, 2007  6:00 pm Reply

    I am so happy for you little momma!
    Love to you from your red-headed, pale sister.

  16. by Sheri Burhoe on February 3, 2007  9:12 pm Reply

    Congratulations ! He is gorgeous - enjoy, as time flies.

  17. by Jill on February 6, 2007  9:48 pm Reply

    Congratulations! What a sweetie :)

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