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 |  August 18, 2008

I was eating lunch today and I heard a thump at the front door and then the doorbell rang. Looked out the front window and saw a graffiti’d USPS car drive away. Ahh, Chicago. I wondered what it was as I hadn’t ordered anything online recently, and then I saw it came from a publisher and then I couldn’t wait to open it up. It was a package that I have been waiting anxiously for- my copy of 1000 Artist Journal Pages written by Dawn DeVries Sokol!

I met Dawn several years ago at the Artfest in Port Townsend, WA. And we had kept in touch via email and our blogs since then. I am so proud of her for creating this book! It is beautifully done and full of so many different artists and styles.

The spreads that were published in her book are from an art journal collaboration that I did with my friend Donia Nance. It was such a special project for both of us. I think we both grew so much from our two books we did. It took us about two years to complete! And actually I still have one more spread I could do in the Journey book that I have here with me. She kept the Home book.

Here are two spreads from the project that were not published in Dawn’s book:

from the Journey journal
(you can see my profile through the tree on the right if you look really hard)

from the “Home” journal

There are so many different way to art journal. I find myself doing things differently depending on the purpose of the art journal. I can’t wait to sit and look through all the pages of this thick and luscious book.


  1. by Jo Horswill on August 18, 2008  5:28 pm Reply

    Bridgette, the book looks wonderful, will have to keep my eye out for it.
    It's such an honour to view these special pages, a real glimpse into the soul of the artist! 'Journey' is very moving and 'home' is so comforting. Thankyou for sharing.

  2. by Meri Arnett-Kremian on August 18, 2008  5:59 pm Reply

    Bridgette, how exciting to get a package that has such personal significance! Isn't ArtFest a great and wonderful creative feast? I've picked my classes and can't wait to send off my registration form.

    Meri Arnett-Kremian

  3. by Amanda on August 18, 2008  10:47 pm Reply

    yes I just got my copy too! Looks great. Fun to share a book with you.

  4. by Shayla on August 19, 2008  2:10 pm Reply

    Both are beautiful, but I especially love the way you used architect drawings for the 'Home' journal. Adding the Queen Anne's lace is just gorgeous.

  5. by Erika Tysse on August 20, 2008  4:48 am Reply

    wow, what a fantastic book! Just might have to get my hands on that one! I am not a journaler although i have honestly tried...

    Hope your move has gone well. I must say that it was wonderful to be back in Seattle. So much life! But, I must say, it exhausts me as well as I have not acclimated to the European lifestyle. So sorry I missed you, that would of been so lovely to actually meet and see your art in person.

  6. by Leah on August 20, 2008  4:12 pm Reply

    congrats again, darlin! those spreads are gorgeous. i adore your style.

  7. by seth on August 20, 2008  9:15 pm Reply

    Congratulations on the publication. I am looking forward to getting the book. And those additonal spreads are really stunning.

  8. by AscenderRisesAbove on August 25, 2008  10:53 pm Reply

    first time visit here. really enjoyed my visit. Love the blue print art above and your inspiring encaustics below.

  9. by Robyn on August 27, 2008  12:12 am Reply

    I love the unpublished pages here. Stunning! I found your blog via Seth's altered page and am thoroughly enjoying it.

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