|  October 28, 2008

awaken, encaustic on clayboard, 8×8 inches

Months ago I got an idea for a new body of work. But I wasn’t sure how to tackle it. So I have let it sit and brew in my brain. Lately it’s been screaming at me to get going. But still, I hesitated. Not ready yet, I thought. It’s about an issue that I think about on a daily basis. I will talk about it more, once I feel comfortable doing so.

But this weekend I started and this is the first piece. It’s very different, I feel, than what I usually do. Lately I have been so attracted to color. Maybe it’s because I did that whole series a few months ago that was very pared down. Just black on birch with a teensy bit of color. Maybe it’s something that is shifting inside of me with all these life changes that I have been experiencing.

In my intuitive painting class, my instructor noted how every Wednesday night my paintings are filled with red, red, red. She asked me if that was my normal palette. And I said, no, actually not at all! I usually do blue-gray, white, foggy, misty colors.

I owe a big huge thanks to Tangled Sky Studio and to the The Bee Team for the inspiration of the word “Awakening” for this month’s theme. When the theme was announced at the beginning of the month, I started this piece. And then I let it sit. Looking at the calendar this past weekend I realized I was running out of time! So I got to it, and something inside just shifted.

I feel really excited to work more on this series. It felt right and good turning on my heated palette and working just in pure encaustics again. I hadn’t done that in a long time.


  1. by tangled sky studio on October 28, 2008  10:00 pm Reply

    gorgeous and strong...
    (i added it to the the beeswaxteam theme page...ok?)

  2. by Lost Aussie on October 28, 2008  10:05 pm Reply

    This is a wonderful piece Bridgette. I love the colours.

    So pleased you are finally settling into your new home and feeling good about creating again.


  3. by Meri Arnett-Kremian on October 28, 2008  10:34 pm Reply

    Love, love, love it! I'm wondering where you are now that you're not in Ballard. Does the move have anything to do with a shift in color palette? Sometimes the colors in your environment speak to you artistically.

    And by the way, the new studio is great looking. I think there is little coincidence that your piece features the text "Awaken." Looks like you're waking up to new possibilities.

  4. by Paula Scott on October 29, 2008  1:09 am Reply

    This is really different from what you have been doing! But, I love it as I always love what you do. You are always so open to shifting directions and letting your intuition guide you.
    I can't wait to see more and to hear what this 'topic' or thoughts are that have been screaming to get out!

  5. by Jeane on October 29, 2008  1:42 am Reply

    Bridgette - beautiful and truly felt

  6. by Carmen on October 29, 2008  10:26 am Reply

    Beautiful Bridgette. I'm looking forward to watching this unfold.

  7. by Angela Rockett on October 29, 2008  1:15 pm Reply

    I've been noticing this change in your art lately too - maybe it is because of the move and your new surroundings. Maybe it's just a new part of the cycle. Either way, it's beautiful.

  8. by carin.c on October 29, 2008  1:49 pm Reply

    I really like the new piece... definitely rich in color. I was never very familiar with encaustic but it's been calling to me recently. I find your pieces very inspiring and as a result will probably be taking an ecaustic class sometime soon. Looking forward to seeing more in this new series of yours!

  9. by Genie on October 29, 2008  2:36 pm Reply

    I Love the colour and everything about it, a lovely piece of work

  10. by paulanm on October 29, 2008  3:11 pm Reply

    Oh, how I want to hold this and touch this and oh, covet this !!!!!!
    Can I be on your xmas gift list? HA!

  11. by Shari on October 29, 2008  3:57 pm Reply

    I LOVE this piece, Bridgette! It's fabulous and it speaks to me somewhere deep in my soul... Good work! Hugs, Shari

  12. by seth on October 29, 2008  10:39 pm Reply

    Wonderful, wonderful piece. That field of black is so rich and really anchors the painting.

  13. by Shayla on October 30, 2008  4:39 pm Reply

    Love your color scheme and the shapes. Personally, it reminds me of the energy in new growth.

  14. by Tanya Gwen Minnick on October 31, 2008  9:25 am Reply

    This one is amazing....than again which one isn't?
    you have an award waiting for you- go here to get it :)
    be well and keep doing what you do :)

  15. by a square peg on November 2, 2008  10:08 pm Reply

    I really like this one--the colors, the words, everything.

  16. by YogaforCynics on November 21, 2008  2:08 am Reply

    Wow, that's an interesting image, and certainly expresses changes and shifts in a way that seems to take on different resonances with every look....

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