|  May 28, 2007

bloom, mixed media encaustic, 10×10 inches


I had fun working on this one. I really feel that with each painting that I do, whether it’s encaustic, oil, or acrylic, or whatever, I learn something new each time. Each piece contributes to my growth in some way. Either in telling me, um yeah no that really doesn’t work. Or in having a eureka moment.

Have quite a bit to do this week. Besides getting all the encaustics ready to hang, we are working on redesigning my web site. Right now it is pitifully outdated. I redesigned it last night and gave all my redesign notes to my husband, so hopefully we’ll have it updated in the next few days. So far I’m pretty excited with how it is looking. Just a lot of work for me to get all my images up and sized. But it’ll all be worth it.


  1. by Kelli on May 28, 2007  6:10 pm Reply

    Hi Bridgette,
    I really liked your piece called "bloom." I love encaustic and I wish I could see it close up and even touch it. I will be wtching your blog in the future.

    Kelli Money Huff

  2. by kristen on May 28, 2007  10:57 pm Reply

    this is GORGEOUS!!!!

  3. by Marie on May 29, 2007  2:36 am Reply

    Bridgette, your new work is so inspiring and lovely. the encaustics workshop sounds like it was a great experience.

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