|  July 29, 2008

Here I am! I think this has been the longest ever that I’ve been disconnected from the internet. Well, and also very busy. We stayed at my parent-in-laws house for almost a week and half waiting for our stuff to arrive. So although Noah and I left Seattle July 15th, we just moved in this past Friday. Still unpacking, but our new house is starting to feel like home. Still acclimating to the heat and the crazy drivers and traffic, traffic, traffic. I think I’ve gained 10 pounds in the past week because there are so many great places to eat within walking distance of our house. One place in particular is the Bleeding Heart Bakery. Ohmygoodness, their coffee is excellent and their s’more brownies are to die for.


My oldest sister came to visit this weekend from Maryland and help me unpack and take care of Noah. We walked to the bakery every day for a treat. Every day. Except for Monday because they were closed. We walked there, but obviously couldn’t get anything.

My neighbors are so nice. Unbelievably friendly and welcoming. Lots of kids too. A great toddler park is just 3 blocks away. Tons of dogs too! We are really close to a busy Chicago street, but our street is so quiet. Not sure how that works out, but it’s nice. I was worried about that.

my sis at Kitsch’n in Roscoe Village

My sister and I also ate at this really cute restaurant called Kitsch’n in Roscoe Village. So yummy. They had a poster of some guy named Leif Garret on the wall. My sister was blown away by that and asked me if I remembered him. Nope, before my time!

I’m sitting in my attic studio right now. Hot but happy. I can’t wait until my studio is all in order and I can start painting again. I will feel more like myself then. I am still adjusting to our move. I feel a bit discombobulated. At times, a little anxious with all the cars and people and stuff around me. And then I think about the quiet corner that I lived on in Seattle.

But the great thing is that I know now that we made the right decision. It feels right. I just want life to get into a normal routine soon.

Thank you all who left comments and emailed me on my last post about our move. I think all the good thoughts helped. I really appreciate it. Life is a big question mark right now, but it’s not so scary anymore.


  1. by Judy Wise on July 29, 2008  10:36 pm Reply

    Oh, my eyes lit up when I saw a post from you. I'm so glad things are settling down for you and wow, your sis is so cute and Chicago sounds to urban and exciting. I look forward to sharing the next chapter in your adventure. xo

  2. by Binky on July 29, 2008  10:44 pm Reply

    I'm so glad Chicago is feeling right for you. The city life sounds exciting. I've never lived in one.

  3. by artbeth67 on July 30, 2008  9:48 am Reply

    Glad things are feeling good to you! I know exactly what you mean wanting to get your routine going again...especially with a little one! ENJOY all the new things :)

  4. by Shari on July 30, 2008  10:11 am Reply

    They say the worst is always fear of the unknown. Now that you're there, I know you'll find that rhythm for which you've been longing. Glad you're home, Bridgette! Hugs, Shari

  5. by Jen on July 30, 2008  1:22 pm Reply

    Yay! So lovely to see your bolded name in my feedlist dear Bri. Glad you are starting to feel settled and ready to enjoy this new chapter. Take loads of photos. I need a vicarious Big City fix! xoxo

  6. by smith kaich jones on July 30, 2008  1:50 pm Reply

    Oh, so happy to see you back. You've been missed! Chicago sounds wild! - I have avoided visiting my relatives there forever - I may have to rethink that decision. YOU make it sound fun.

    Welcome HOME!
    :) Debi

  7. by Robin on July 30, 2008  6:15 pm Reply

    Glad things went well for you and good luck with the adjustment. I look forward to seeing your new works of art :)

    ps, I LOVED Lief Garrett - I had EVERY teen beat poster of him on my wall.... LOL

  8. by nancy on July 30, 2008  10:42 pm Reply

    Hey Bridgette, just want to let you know that you are an inspiration and I've selected you for the brilliant premio award on my blog, Nancy

  9. by Tina on July 31, 2008  12:40 am Reply

    Wonderful to hear from you. Your neighborhood sounds amazing! What a great find.

    I must be about your sisters age. I do remember Leif Garrett and I too had Teen Beat posters. Ack!

  10. by Genie on July 31, 2008  5:18 am Reply

    Hi Bridgette, Glad to have you back. and look forward to seeing more of your work.
    Cheers Jean

  11. by katie on July 31, 2008  11:07 am Reply

    It's so good to hear you're settled in and feeling "home". walking to a good bakery every day sounds like heaven to this country girl. your sister is so beautiful - you both have such lovely smiles. i have never been to chicago (except for flying connecting flights at the airport) and one day I look forward to going and exploring, so much to see and do.
    wishing you all the best as you and your family settle in.

  12. by Carmen on July 31, 2008  11:31 am Reply

    So good to see a post from you. I'm glad to hear that you're settling into your new home. Mmmmm, now I want to run out and find a bakery.

    Have a wonderful weekend.



  13. by Jo Horswill on July 31, 2008  4:33 pm Reply

    Now that Bakery sound's like the perfect place to get that "energy" boost, you will need, whilst re-discovering your new home town!
    Unfortunately, I remember Leif!!! But only just! :)
    Happy settling in...

  14. by rivergardenstudio on July 31, 2008  5:37 pm Reply

    Chicago sounds so colorful and energetic. I am so glad you are settling in! Roxanne

  15. by Tracy on August 2, 2008  10:42 pm Reply

    OMG! Leif Garrett! I used to love him! Um, I guess it was 30 years years ago though. Yikes, how did that happen...

    Glad to hear your move has been relatively smooth and that you are liking Chicago.

  16. by A bird in the hand on August 5, 2008  12:41 pm Reply

    You're practically my neighbor now! Chicago is a very popular city with Canadians. Wishing you a very happy life there, and be very careful with those s'mores brownies!!

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