etsy, revisited

 |  August 21, 2007

In the craziness of this year I forgot about my etsy shop! I went back last week and saw that I didn’t have anything listed anymore. So I’ve decided to resurrect my shop. I’m going to try to add a few things each week. Right now I am planning on just adding archival prints of my recent work. Other than my orignal monotype prints, I am not planning on listing original artwork. But I may change my mind. For now, I have a few thing listed at my etsy shop, but I plan to list more later.

This image is one of the prints available at my etsy shop:



  1. by Geraldine on August 23, 2007  8:11 am Reply

    i love the background in this one. so bubbly.

  2. by cheryl on August 24, 2007  7:11 am Reply

    Goodness I think you are simply brilliant. This is wonderful. I loved your post Monday about work in coffee shops. Eye opening!

  3. by donab on August 30, 2007  10:19 am Reply

    I love the red background lines in this one. How did you do that? Is this wax?

  4. by bridgette on September 5, 2007  12:47 am Reply

    hi donab- yes this piece is encaustic. The red lines were created by burning shellac. I'm not even sure I could do it again if I tried!

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