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 |  August 6, 2006

On Saturday we returned to be present for the award ceremony. And was so happy to see that my second painting that was diplayed sold as well.

All in all a very good weekend. Just goes to show that I need to really believe in myself and just keep submitting.


  1. by Karen on August 7, 2006  5:43 pm Reply

    look at you! you look beautiful! pregnancy definitley becomes you. and congrats on your sales & award! good times for you :)

  2. by Tracy on August 7, 2006  7:30 pm Reply

    Congrats, Bridgette! Definitely keep sending your work out. And, I agree, you do look great!

  3. by bridgette on August 8, 2006  12:42 am Reply

    Thanks Karen and Tracy for both your encouragement and compliment-although I think I look more bloated than pregnant!! :)

  4. by d. on August 8, 2006  1:24 am Reply

    You rock, Bridgette! I agree also that you look great! :)

  5. by cootiegarage on September 3, 2006  12:31 pm Reply

    Congrats!!! I was just picked for my first ever show, so I feel that same excitement.

  6. by bridgette on September 6, 2006  9:22 pm Reply

    yay us! congrats to you too. I love your work and am not surprised. :)

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