passing time

 |  August 7, 2007

passing time
“passing time”, encaustic, 6×6 inches

No words tonight, just an image of a recent encaustic piece.


  1. by Raine K on August 8, 2007  12:48 am Reply

    Love this - so simple and beautiful.

  2. by Tricia Scott on August 8, 2007  1:25 am Reply

    i agree...just beautiful. love the placement of the birdie.

  3. by cheryl on August 9, 2007  10:41 am Reply

    LOVE it.

  4. by cheryl on August 10, 2007  5:01 pm Reply

    Thanks for your nice comment about my work Bridgette! I did those paintings on canvas using acrylic paint, oil pastels and printed photos and other collaged papers that vanished beneath the paint. They usually do. LOL. I got my book today and I am SO excited to play!

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