Women In Wax

 |  March 7, 2008


Opening Reception tonight 6-9 pm at exPRESSive Arts Gallery. 3710 W. Mukilteo Blvd., Suite #1, Everett, WA 98203. If you’re in the area, pop in!


  1. by Genie on March 7, 2008  3:10 pm Reply

    Good Luck on the Show,
    Thankyou for your comments,
    If you would like one of those ATC email me on jeantoms26@hotmail.com

  2. by Tara Finlay on March 8, 2008  10:13 am Reply

    How nice that they used your artwork for the advertisement!
    They used my artwork for the announcement for my show, but they misspelled the name of the library in a rather unfortunate way:
    Tompkins Cuunty Library.

  3. by bridgette on March 8, 2008  12:37 pm Reply

    Thanks Genie! I will email you. I know I have an atc that I can send you too.

    omg Tara-that is terrible! I laughed when I read that becuse it reminded me of a Larry David episode on Curb your enthusiasm, but that's so not funny. sorry that that happened!

  4. by Joanie San Chirico on March 8, 2008  7:26 pm Reply

    Good luck tonight! Glad to see that you're the poster girl!

    I had to laugh at Tara's story too.. but it's not funny at all. How could they miss that?

  5. by Paula Scott on March 8, 2008  11:13 pm Reply

    Hey poster girl! Wowee zowee! How did the reception go last night? How exciting in so many ways!

  6. by Stacie Rife on March 10, 2008  1:10 am Reply

    i found your blog via Erika Tysse.... I too live in the PNW.. and actually in Everett.. I am so sorry I didn't know about the event sooner or I would have went.. very cool!

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